Document Generation from Database (Merge) Openoffice & MS-Word

Most everyone need to generate some document at some stage. You can generate your own document with the field names from the database and this document will then be saved to the database.
As soon as the Document is saved a number for it will be generated.

For instance your standard greeting might look like
With all your company logos and layout within the document.

A process then pick up these numbered templates and generated a Merge document that looks like
Dear Mr J Doe
and the rest of the document still stays intact.

These merged documents can then be saved as a new document to the database BLOB field. It is very robust and every field corresponds to the database field in the format DATATABLE.FIELDNAME as a merge field in the document.

We can easily help you with your document management and document merging.

Both MS-Word and Openoffice or Libreoffice documents can be merged.

You don’t have to save the resultant document to the database it can be emailed or saved to disk if you prefer, whatever other electronic purpose you require.

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