Linux Media Player Howto

To get your linux pc to work with Netflix / Showmax follow this link:

If you have an old PC converting it to Linux for a media player at home is great fun and I will let you know how I did mine. You can also watch Netflix or Showmax directly on your TV in Full HD.

  1. Get an old PC with preferably HDMI or DVI video out onboard.

DVI Port looks like:


If its DVI you would need  a converter adapter to convert from DVI Male to HDMI Female. Look Like: (Picture is wrong its a DVI female you would need DVI male)


The only issue is that it will not have sound and you would require a separate audio cable for that. Maybe Stereo  to RCA.

Look like:


Now all you need is to download a Linux CD try Mint from Linux Mint.

For ShowMax to work you would need to download and install Google Chrome. Not Chromium and not Firefox.  And you should download the Latest Ubuntu flavor  from : Chrome

Now for your own Media MP3’s and MP4’s you have I suggest following the Kodi TV Addons instructions.




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